Is the CNA Test Hard?

Is the Florida CNA Test Hard?

So, you want to become a CNA? However, the one thing standing in your way of earning your CNA license, is the CNA Test. You’ve been asking others about their experience with the CNA test. Some may tell you it’s hard, some may tell you it’s easy. With responses like that, you may feel a little uncertain if you can pass the Florida CNA Exam. We hope to clear this up by telling you what to except on the CNA Test.

In the state of Florida, to take the CNA Exam, you must register with Prometric. Prometric is responsible for conducting the CNA Exam in Florida and many other states. Basically, to pass the Florida CNA Exam and receive your CNA license, you must pass both the written and clinical skills test.

CNA Written Test Summary

In brief, the CNA written exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions, you will have 90 minutes to complete it. It will cover topics such as, the Role of the Nurse Aide, Promotion of Safety, Promotion of Function and Health of Residents, Basic Nursing Care Provided by the Nurse Aide, Providing Specialized Care for Residents with Changes in Health. The written exam is delivered on a computer and is user friendly. The written exam can be taken in English or Spanish.

CNA Clinical Skills Test Summary

To begin with, the CNA clinical skills exam requires demonstration of 5 clinical skills, you will have 31-40 minutes to complete it. Your clinical skills are assigned randomly by a computer on test day. Therefore, the time allowed to complete the exam will be determined by the clinical skills you are assigned. You are assigned a partner to play the role of the resident for certain skills. Other skills will be performed on a manikin. To pass the clinical skills exam, you must pass all five skills.

During the clinical skills exam, two nurse evaluators, that  are licensed registered nurses observe you. The rules for the Clinical Skills Test allow you to make corrections while performing a skill. However, you must tell the nurse that you are making a correction during the skill and you must perform the correction.

For example, you forget to  wash your hands at the beginning of the skill, but realize it before ending the skill. In this case, you will tell the nurse and  actually wash your hands. However, once you have completed a skill and have indicated to the nurse that you are done with the skill, you may not go back to correct a previous skill. There are times when a safety issue will be addressed by the nurse. If a safety issue has occurred, you will not be able to make a correction. The nurses who administer the Clinical Skills test are not permitted to teach, coach, or discuss your results or performance with you.

CNA Exam Results

You will receive your test results the same day of the exam, prior to leaving. After you pass both parts of your exam, your scores will be sent to the Board of Nursing. Once the Board of Nursing has received your score information, your CNA Certificate will be mailed to you. Your official results will also be listed on the CNA Registry.  It takes approximately one week from the day you test for your scores to be sent from Prometric to the Board of Nursing. It can take four weeks for the Florida Board of Nursing to issue and mail out your certificate.


To summarize, if you study and are confident in your skills, the Florida CNA exam, should be easy. For more information about the Florida CNA Exam, visit www.prometric.com. If you are in the Sarasota or Orlando areas and are looking for a CNA Exam Prep Class, visit https://www.lifesupporttrainingsolutions.com/

Does this give you a better understanding of what to expect on the CNA exam?

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